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    1. Ningbo harun yiye plastic machinery co.,ltd.Is a professional manufacturer of automatic plastic injection molding machine. The main production is 45-6800g, plastic injection moulding machine with moulding force 50-1380t.

      Since our company, we have won the trust of our customers with our customers as our guide, lean production, guarantee quality, rapid service, continuous innovation.

      As to ensure the best quality products to the users, the company has actively introduced a large number of pioneering spirit, has the high sense of responsibility, can bear hardships and stand hard work, business, management, technology and technical talents, using CAD/CAM/CAE/CAPP optimize the product design, with imports from the United States, Italy, Japan, Taiwan and other countries and regions of the electrical and hydraulic components, etc., to improve the accuracy and stability of the machine.

      Vision ---Future Become A Famouse Enterprice With Brand

      HARUN object: person and enterpice in one. person and machine in one. person in harmony.

      HARUN step: innovation on techinc,manage,marketing and service.

      HARUN value: have benifit together from brand.

      HARUN idea: be credit,proffesional,team,wing together.

      Professional skills,Trustworthy




      Our service

      Pre-Sales Servive

      Aprt from best quality and price advantage, has advantages on pre-sales service.HARUN uses its network for the supports customers can get supports through it.

      In-Sales Service

      Takes“Smile while Serving for Customers”as our in-sales service concept, wellknoeing every department of the company,making customers feel happy and confidentwhile cooper- ating with HARUN,keeping the“0 error”service maintaining HARUN goodreputation.

      After-Sales Service

      Use their own good and efficient service has covered Technical Service CenterWe will be the fastest speed of the service request feedback our frontline service personnel rushed to the scene to solve the problem.